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In 2023, Muddy Waters MOJO Museum was welcomed into the African American Civil Rights Network. The Network is a collection of properties, facilities, and programs that offer a comprehensive overview of the people, places, and events associated with the African American Civil Rights movement.


The continuing African American struggle for social, economic, and political equality has forever changed the United States. The African American Civil Rights Network seeks to tell the story of the men and women whose bravery and sacrifices shaped the movement throughout American history, and still Impact our country today. The Muddy Waters MOJO Museum plays a critical role In this story.

As one example, Martin Luther King & Muddy Waters' journeys from the Mississippi Delta intersected in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial in May, 1968. Muddy Waters and his band had driven all night from Chicago to D.C. to play for the Poor People's March on Washington. He was invited by the entertainment coordinator, Alan Lomax -- the folklorist who first recorded him on the plantation in Clarksdale, Mississippi decades before.

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