PHASE I – Critical Repairs

  • Replacing the roof, replacing the downspout, and replacing missing clay tile copings

  • Re-securing and replacing plywood board-ups, as needed on the north, east elevation

  • Complete repair of the bay window including reconstructing the bay, installing a new wood double-hung window and repairing the bay window roof

  • Masonry repairs to the west, north, and east elevations, including repairing the brick arch above the main entrance door, as well as the basement and first-floor window arches on the north elevation

  • Interior repairs to remove water-damaged finishes and provide mold abatement, as necessary, on the first and second stories

  • Repairing timber beams in the basement



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In October of 2021, Chicago’s City Council voted unanimously to preserve the historic two-flat building at 4339 S. Lake Park Ave in North Kenwood and granted landmark designation of this house because of its significant historical contributions. You can help bring Muddy Waters’ music to life by supporting the rehab and stabilization of the historical Muddy Waters House in Chicago. Learn more about our plans below.

PHASE II – High Priority Maintenance Repairs

  • Replace perimeter roof flashing, reseal clay tile coping joints, and replace gutters on east elevation

  • Remove existing wood porch on the east elevation and building a new porch to meet Code

  • Masonry repairs on all elevations – including 100% repointing of brick mortar joints, replacing damaged limestone sills, and rebuilding arched brick window heads on the north elevation

  • Window, door and transom repairs and replacement, and glass block repair, on the west, north and south elevations

  • Infill abandoned window openings with brick on the south elevation

  • Removing vegetation growing on the west elevation




PHASE III – Long Term Repairs and Upgrades

  • Removing the front porch on the west elevation and replace with a new wood-framed porch to match the original appearance.

  • New aluminum exterior doors on the east and south elevation

  • New vinyl double-hung windows on the north, east and south elevations (secondary façade)

  • New glass block basement window

  • An undetermined amount of MEP throughout the house, including removing abandoned mechanical, electrical and plumbing and upgrading and installing new MEP. This would include new plumbing, ventilation, ductwork and equipment for new central heating and cooling, and modifications to the electrical, as necessary (adds up to $150,000)